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Amsterdam’s notorious red light district caters to every kind of fetish and kink and the best part is, it’s (relatively) safe.There are actually three such districts in Amsterdam, but the one simply referred to as the Red Light District is the largest and world famous one in the historic part of town just across from Central Station. A large number of Amsterdam's estimated 7,000 sex workers are not Dutch nationals.The Bananen Bar In the centre of the Red Light District you will find the most fun and surprising bar in erotic Amsterdam, the Bananenbar.Needless to say that the Banana plays a central roll in the entertainment and we are not talking cocktails here!Amsterdam's 17th century architecture is world famous: canal houses, ware houses, churches and palaces.Many were built in the Golden Age (1650-1750 AD), when rich Amsterdam was the centre of world trade.You put your house out there for strangers to rent, and gee, it gets cased, it gets robbed, it gets trashed and the customers who use total strangers houses get recorded.These guys made it too obvious by where they placed their camera.

But this is NOT going to be the first or last of this sort of thing to happen.

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