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By default, the Share Point calendar opens in Calendar view under Other Calendars in the Navigation Pane.It is displayed as an additional calendar next to your default calendar in Side-By-Side Calendar view, but you can clear the check boxes for any other calendars that you do not want to view.The exchange calender is present in Microsoft Outlook.For retrieving calender information by importing the calender in format.You can view and update a Share Point calendar, just as you do your Outlook calendar.Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to view a calendar from a Share Point site side-by-side with an Outlook calendar, view an overlay of the calendars as if they were one single calendar, and even copy events among the calendars.I'm using Day Pilot Calendar and Navigator on Visual Studios 2013, webform.I am able to link the navigator to the calendar, so when I click on a different week, it reflects on the calendar as well.

These features work best with Share Point 2007 or newer.The employee-list user control stores the ID of the selected employee in view state. It makes sure that only the selected employee is highlighted in the control, regardless of which page of data is displayed or of how the list has been sorted. If you are targeting an on-premises Exchange server, then you can use EWS Managed API and use "Exchange 2013 Create meetings programmatically" code sample from Exchange 2013 101 Code Samples. Thanks, Venkat one can edit the exchange calender by sending an appointment email to the client.this seems to be the most proper way to change one Exchange calender

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The code in the handler explicitly updates the employee-details user control if an employee is selected, or if the current page in the employee list no longer shows the selected employee.

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