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Some things happened, and somehow, my sister’s boyfriend and I ended up in his bathroom together. After we finished up, we thought we were going to get away with everything… She had been looking for him, and was expecting to find him with a stranger, but found me instead.

Dear Heather, Heather, I’m just going to come out and say it: I like my best friend’s brother. I’m going to warn you right now that dating your best friend’s brother is probably a bad idea.

He doesn’t know the phrase “thank you,” has never given a gift of any sort, and takes every opportunity to drink as much alcohol as there is available, or finish off any food.

In college, my now wife and I decided to take our friendship to the next level.

We were married a few years later and now have two kids.

This was a very big step, and my family was very excited.

Literally 4 hours after that, my sister's boyfriend asked, then he proposed 2 days later.

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She knows I like him and he likes me, but I don’t think she’s ever really thought about us getting together. Being with your bestie’s brother can be really awkward for everyone.

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