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Some of these, such as ‘Chinese Rose’, ‘India Tree’, ‘Spode’s Italian’ (so named to distinguish Spode’s product from its imitators), and ‘Christmas Tree’ were immensely popular.

It has been estimated that some 30 million Christmas Tree pieces are presently in use in the USA alone.

30-day return policy on all purchases, satisfaction assured in 425,000 patterns! January J - February F - March M - April A - May Y - June U - July L - August T September S- October O - November N - December D Sydney Thompson, sole agent for Spode in the United States of America (Copeland & Thompson Inc, 205 Fifth Avenue, New York), made a practice of spending 6 - 8 weeks in Stoke-on-Trent at Spode to develop new patterns for his market.This was during the 1930s when the Art Director of Spode was Thomas Hassall and he and Sydney Thompson would review the Spode pattern books in their search for antique designs which could be revitalized and introduced on current shapes. Thompson sought a design for the Christmas season and despite the many holly designs found in the pattern books none seemed appropriate. Hassall asked Harold Holdway, one of the Spode designers who was later to become Design Director, to produce a design.Soon he returned with a plate which had a central design of a Christmas tree with presents hanging from the branches.When Harold Holdway was first asked to draw a Christmas Tree he had to be rather inventive, as he had never seen one!

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by Spode is part of this group, and happens to be one of the world’s most recognizable and sought after holiday patterns.

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