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Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People and Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More! /#comments Interesting article about Westernized Indian women who are increasingly out-marrying to other races (namely Whites, even Black and East Asian men).

In the comments section, it seems like a lot of Westernized Indian women are bashing their own men, and some Indian men are incensed!

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We loved that description so we thought we'd share it with you!

Any semi intelligent person ought to be able to figure out that millions of Indian women are not all the same.

i love them so much so that im considering migrating to a white dominated country to increase my odds of a white wife.

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And some Indian men are writing negative comments about Indian women--preferring White women instead.

You even have some White trolls taunting Indian men about dating Indian women...

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