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Known as "the Smoke", Victorian London was largely inhabited by "the great unwashed".The smuts from domestic hearths and workplace chimneys filled the air, contributed to pea-souper fogs and contaminated everything.The listing below includes a notation when our testing specifically confirms the blocking of additional portions of a site.Where indicated, blocking of entire sites was confirmed on the basis of DNS redirection.Sewage disposal was the main problem, as Lee Jackson shows in this excellent study – vivid, scholarly, illuminating, funny, well written and beautifully illustrated, a model of its kind.

The listings below give specific web sites found to be blocked in China and included in Yahoo's Entertainment category or its subcategories.You could tell how long sheep had been grazing in Regent's Park from the blackness of their wool. The social investigator Henry Mayhew described one woman struggling at a washtub in a room seven feet square housing a family of eight.Added to soot, such heaps of dust, mud, ash, horse-dung and other detritus littered the city's thoroughfares that the rich were also sullied.The appendix also provides details as to the method of calculation and presentation of "blocking quotient" data.Unicode support and various Asian character sets are required to view this listing in its entirety. Army War College, USAWC, US Army War College, usawc, strategic leadership, leadership instructor, landpower, strategic landpower, Army War College, Carlisle, Carlisle Barracks, Centennial, Military History Institute, military photos, military photogr...

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