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address, you can apply for the JAL USA CARD from Japan, up to 90 days prior to relocating to the U. Our distinctive screening process allows us to accept applicants with limited or no credit history in the U. Cardholders who have applied for Basic Rewards are able to upgrade to Premium Rewards anytime after your card has been approved.All changes in terms will be subject to the requirements of applicable law.(1) Steady Income Checking annual income, employment (full-time or temporary employees), work period and so on.In the case of students, need to confirm the information of the school, the residence, and the guardian of approval instead of income.

* It is said to not significantly affect to the screening criteria whether the presence of Japan’s permanent residence and Japanese partner (international marriage).

The following Japanese credit cards are some of the most popular cards for a reason. Some give rewards, others will save you money by transferring your higher interest rate balances.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list or a list of the top 10 credit cards.

The ayatollahs in Iran don’t like that citizens can use Viber to communicate negatively about the government.

Anyway, here’s how to take advantage of the new “Viber Out” feature on the app: 1) Download the Viber app to your smartphone, install and go through the verification procedure for your personal cell phone number.

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This list may change or be updated as other Japanese credit cards become available that we feel should be included on this page.

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