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From 1999 to 2011, Leslie served as the Academic Research Co-ordinator of RESOLVE Alberta , a tri-provincial research institute on family violence.RESOLVE is one of Canada 's centres of excellence in research on violence against women and children.

; MMVaih Oft diata Kt from in mtrilacoe with that rfsnrr. xaos eit Maodtwaaaeued, and the whole npper part of the vessel, howlnc iu nak and shape rendered risible, bet. Xetit, the residence of heruneltv Sir Johu William Lubbock, Bart., In Jr 20th rear,, Anna - Lubloek, eldest daughter of Hugh William Jlrown, Esq., St. On Wednesday evwnlnc Use, tbe 31 t ult, after a short illness, Maria, wit's of John Beardmore, Em., of Button - street. The history of the town of Boylston during the first century of its existence was, like that of most country towns of its size and situation, quiet and uneventful. Some time afterwards the agents of the town and precinct met and signed articles of agreement, the first of which was that "the precinct might be incorporated into a town," and January 30, 1808, an act passed the General Court to that eflect, and the Second Precinct of Boylston, Holden and Sterling became a town by the name of West Boylston. The town of Boylston was well represented in the War of 1812, and on its town records are spread some able memorials and papers relating to national aflairs for the period between 17. As a part of Shrewsbury it took an earnest and active part in the events of the Revolution, and, with the ex- ception of a very few, its inhabitants were ardent patriots and well-wishers for the independence of the colonies ; and the North Precinct of Shrewsbury sent its full quota of soldiers into the Continental ser- vice.

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The pages of Old Yorkshire are not intended to supply a history of any particular place, but only to present some solid and valuable information; some leading facts and incidents relating" to interesting localities in the county, and to place these before the reader in a readable and attractive form. So it happens that some time ago there was levelled to the ground an old plaster and colour-washed house belonging to the Hon. Meynell Ingram, of Templenewsam, situated about the middle of the main street. As young men, the brothers would dig for Roman remains at Slack, to which work Fairless returned again and again in later years. The History of Plymouth, from the Earliest Period to the Present. Manuals of Missal and Illuminated Painting, and of Wood Carving. The Traders' Tokens of Derbyshire, Described and l Uustrated. Black's Guides to Derbyshire, and many other Guides. According to the monk (Florence of Worcester) the forces engaged were on the part of the Mercians pagans 30 legions, under 30 King's thanes ; on the part of the Northumbrians Christians one legion under King Oswy.

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