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When a huge retailer has to close all of its stores, it liquidates everything, meaning the inventory and even the shelves and display cases are sold to bargain-hunters, to raise money for the company to pay its debts.Liquidate comes from the Latin liquidare, meaning “to melt,” or “to clarify.” A recipe might ask you to liquefy the butter, not liquidate it, because liquidate has to do with assets.kill, murder, remove, destroy, do in (slang), silence, eliminate, take out (slang), get rid of, wipe out (informal), dispatch, finish off, do away with, blow away (slang, chiefly U.

These lenders will seize the collateral and sell it—often at a significant discount, due to the short time frames involved.Which the same being the case, I invite all to come forward and liquidate.With an indomitable will he determined to liquidate that debt, and how well he succeeded need not be told.There was only one thing to do—root them out, liquidate them.If you don't know who a man is, you can liquidate him without conscience.

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Where did you obtain the money that you applied to liquidate, or partially to liquidate, your debts?

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