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This campaign drew a sharp reply from the Republican Party.

Its 2016 platform devoted a separate section to Title IX, saying the civil rights office’s “distortion of Title IX to micromanage the way colleges and universities deal with allegations of [sexual] abuse contravenes our country’s legal traditions and must be halted.” With about 550 employees, the Office of Civil Rights is a small agency with a very broad responsibility.

Reacting to Daesh’s iconoclastic fury, the UNESCO 38th General Conference of Paris, 3–18 November 2015, passed a resolution to establish – adopting an effective slogan often used by both media and diplomats – the ‘Blue Helmets for Culture’.

During Betsy De Vos’ contentious confirmation hearings, she was asked few questions about her evaluation of the Obama administration’s controversial interpretation of the law that bans sex discrimination in schools to include gender identity.

Shortly thereafter, the issue hit the headlines when the Trump administration moved to reverse the Obama administration’s guidelines on transgender students’ access to sex-segregated facilities.

This is hardly the first time that civil rights office has found itself at the center of political controversy.

In the 1960s it played a crucial role in dismantling school segregation in the South.

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But it is an extremely complex political-military exercise.

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