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These goals vary from clan to clan, ranging from clan warring and skilling to creating a simple and enjoyable community or working together to make money.

Spam attacks were common, almost daily, however the clan managed a relatively happy atmosphere among those who contributed to conversation and supported the others. Bossing was a particularly common activity, as many of the ranked members, and loyal non-ranks were of high level/combat.This obviously isn’t the case as I always receive a pop up advertisement alerting me of the most recent promotion on the squeal of fortune.That is an advertisement, Jagex, so I suppose I am entitled to a refund for every month I’ve seen one of these ads.It’s a waste of space in the chatbox and should only be a meaningless diversion when mousing over a character or right clicking on him. Private Chat Ad Spammers I normally play with my private chat set to friends.When I need to appear online, without skipping a beat, two or three bots will immediately message me the details of their scam website’s gold prices.

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