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Be it a guy, a gal, or even a unicorn – none have ever escaped the charm of a Virgo woman! Cameron Diaz may have been a but Virgo women, generally, make amazing instructors because they always know best! When in a relationship with a Virgo lassie, I suggest you get yourself registered at several libraries! If you are lucky enough she will ask you what’s wrong! “Heel” the world probably was a Virgo because one, she wore Prada, and two, she was a pain! When dating a Virgo woman, your conversations on fashion will have reflections of: Miranda: “…You have no sense of fashion! While loving a Virgo woman, make sure not to offer a helping hand when she is in trouble (washing dishes is not trouble! However, the only drag here is that complications occur because she won’t accept any kind of help, even intellectual!Attractive, brainy, and perfect (of course), dating this maiden is like living with a member of the Censor board! (Well, that logic would make them good mothers too, and Mother Gothel would agree with me! If you are not up to date on the world, she won’t even think twice before cutting you lose! In spite of my warnings, if you still want to proceed, do so with caution. Loving a Virgo woman is more like working on your financial accounts with an IRS auditor! Tell her that the line at the ‘library’ (golden word! She’ll forget about her angst and tell you all about her recent read on guidelines and protocols! ” Andrea: “I think that depends on…” Miranda: “No, no, that wasn’t a question.” A Virgo woman in love will expect her partner to wear an Armani three piece suit while going to bed, because while going out she wants you to don the Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition! But if you master the art of giving her space and pass on the suggestions from across the fence, you will have nothing to worry about your bond with the Virgo! Me, myself, and intuition Highly intuitive like the wise owl, it doesn’t take her a minute to realize why the dish is flat! Virgo woman’s Disney characterization would surely resemble Belle or Ariel, even though both ran willingly into the rabbit hole despite their intuitive capabilities!Do you think that the Virgo woman you have fallen for is too reserved and shy to have fun with? Basically, the woman absolutely loves to try and learn everything new and exciting and can never be a bore.The only thing is, she is a bit cautious and being a perfectionist, she WOULD NOT date with just anyone.Astrology Advice As a Virgo woman, you have probably taken control of every detail in your life. Have you used your detail-oriented nature to compile a list of all of the qualities you are looking for in your perfect mate?Or have you given in to your idealistic side and decided that you will know exactly who your soul mate is the moment your eyes meet?

She is will judge you every moment, but you, comrade, dare not make any comments about what you think of her! Not because she disagrees with you, but how dare you tell her about what’s wrong? If you want to know the extent of this evaluating worm, make a suggestion of adopting a pet. Moving forward, a Virgo woman in love will help her man solve any and every problem he might go through (not just because she loves him, it’s because cracking problems give her a high! The universe is in order because of the Virgos (ATLEAST THAT IS WHAT SHE THINKS! Her clarity of thought will help her break your problem into a number of compartments and then deal with them part by part, with surgical precision. Take it from Beyoncé: Virgos absolutely love talking about their daily grind! S.: The phrase ‘back to the grind’ doesn’t work with them because they never left the grind! The talk should end either on a disagreement (more likely so), or an agreement but not a : the Virgo woman’s worst nightmare!They can help to filter through all the confusing signs that come from your ruling planet of Mercury.You probably feel that finding love is a daunting task. But you can dramatically improve your chances by learning about the essence of who you are.If you think that she is not showing much interest in you, then you might assume that she is just assessing you for the time being.When you get the green signal from her for dating, make sure that you glance through the basic dos and don’ts to make the most out of the day.

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