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(Jan 2016) The prehistory of Vanuatu is obscure; archaeological evidence supports the commonly held theory that peoples speaking Austronesian languages first came to the islands some 4,000 years ago.Pottery fragments have been found dating back to 1300–1100 BC.

The Ministry of Health website contains more advice on avoiding mosquito bites while travelling.All residents of dengue-affected areas, whether you have been previously infected or not, should take precautions to prevent infection.As Dengue fever is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, which is most active during the daytime, New Zealanders in these countries should take extreme care and take protective measures to prevent mosquito bites.3D Elevation Model Maps Photomap - Scale of 1: 5 000.These Maps cover only the 6 provincial Headquarters.

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Radar Imagery - Available Radar Imagery covers the whole of Vanuatu.

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