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Berry owned the Southern Air restaurant in Wentzville, Missouri, a landmark on Interstate 70–although he was never able to get a liquor license because of his armed-robbery conviction back in 1944.

But at some point, each of them looked up and noticed the same strange thing: the tiny light beside their webcam glowing.

The unwillingly naked chef was soon joined by many others who claimed they had been videotaped, either at the Southern Air or at the rocker’s “Berry Park” estate; sixty women filed a class-action lawsuit.

Although Berry ultimately conceded the hidden-camera tapes existed, he claimed ignorance as to who had made them.

Every online scam begins more or less the same—a random e-mail, a sketchy attachment.

But every so often, a new type of hacker comes along. He secretly burrows his way into your hard drive, then into your life. It was a Saturday night, not much happening in her Long Beach, California, neighborhood, so high school senior Melissa Young was home messing around on her computer.

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NOTE: If you are a woman reading this, first let me apologize: it was never my intention for this book to contain so much math.

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